Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SEE: 1 day to go

Look at my pregnancy tickers.look.have a look.come on.
see.1 day to go rite??
i'm okay.fine.just wondering.is it really 1 day to go
urm i dunno.honestly.look at people surrounding.
everyone i knew.whom pregnant like me.
same week.same months.now holding their baby.
seriously i am jealous.very.how happy they are.
they had gone thru all of these challenges.finally can hold.kiss.touch.
the one that they carries for over 9 months.
ouhh i am very emotional at this moment.dunno why.
and it's getting worst when everybody keep calling me
asking have you deliver..have you giving birth.OMG.
its just..u dunno how am i feeling rite now.
if others feel the excitement of this coming soon baby.so do i
i cud say.i am more more more excited than others.
but just like my mom said..let it be.let it go naturally
he will find his own date.time.okay.
okay.for now.all i can say
i'm still that "mummy to be" of almost 40weeks of pregnancy.
just 1 more day to go and we'll see (*.*) (^_^)

to my baby: mummy cant wait to see u..daddy as well.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't ask me that question pleaseeee

I'm back!!!yeayy finally..
after a few months keep silent.not writing anything.
plus technical problem.contributing to this silence
ecehhh padahal malas kan..takde idea lagi.
tp betul what..lappy i dah bape bulan tersadai kt workshop
tak cukup duit nak bayar cost..bia je lah situ.
hohoho..lagi satu propa.
lappy tu tersadai kt umah ade lah..nak g anta repair
giler malas.sejak2 pregnant ni sume malas
keje malas.wat keje malas.nak makan pon malas gak.
huh.jgn biasakan diri dgn malas tak baik tuk baby
a ah lah..still.sometimes i still lupa yang i ni berbadan 2
bole eh cm tu???dulu la kot
skrg i da 37weeks of pregnancy..impossible la kan nak kate lupa lagi
my journey is coming to the end.i shall call it A great journey
even i've gone thru the worst parts during the pregnancy
but i know that i'm gonna miss this experience.much.so much.
but to face it again let me think twice.triple.times
heading to the end of this journey.for sure la i nervous
i panic.takut.nervous.tak sabar pon ade.nak2 bile org asik tanya
"bile due?", "bile start cuti panjang?", "dah ready?", "u nk amik epidural ke?"
ohhh nooo.pls pls pls jgn la tanya i these kind of questions
muak lagi jelik tau x..tau jelik tu ape?tatau?g google tgk.
yang pasti u will know how exactly i am feeling now
by time you get married and pregnant like me.
a good word to say "first timer"
but alhamdulillah.my husband.family.close friends aka bff
courage me.bagi i semangat.advise.tips.make me calm
sebab nak or tak nak i still have to go on.
i still need to give birth.so just take it.face it
hopefully this going to be a great experience to me
*cehh statement motivation diri sndri nmpk nye.bagus!*
i don't know whether next time i blogging
i still pregnant or i tgh confinement.who knows..

Happy Deepavali

Best wishes to all Indian
friends..not friends.officemate. colleagues.everyone
enjoy your day (^.^)