Friday, April 2, 2010

..Just Wait..

x payah lah nk tanya2 slalu
"da pregnant lum?"
"da ada isi da ker?"

well actually i slalu je wat2 tak paham
sbb i pon xtau i nk baby ke x..erkk ye ker
*confuse* *sigh*

it's hard to explain..
bkn xsuke baby or budak kecik..
cume i dont noe how to treat them..
dun think i have the charming lovely motherhood attitude
mmg pon!i xrse excited pon tgk baby org len
or nk g dkt2..sengih2..cubit2 pp die..
berebut2 nk dukung die..ouh i just not that!

so to everyone yg concern bout me
i dont have the answer rite now..
but maybe i ll announce once i confirmed it
just wait!


  1. yeah, i also didn't like to ask that question n also didn't like to answer that... hihi...
    that's is our privacy...
    when dh ade nanti confirm lah bg tau kan...
    one day u will have that attitude... trust me...

    ~ x0x0x0x0x ~

  2. ohh ms anonymous
    pls pray for dat!
    i wish to hve that attitude now coz i really need it!