Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mommy getting bigger, Baby growing up

okeh mcm ni lah keadaannya when i'm start working
blog kembali menjadi sawang-sawangan
so whenever i cuti i try to be creative.idealistik
in order to write.u noe.i noe.sumtimes byk menda nk ckp
but we just dont noe how to write.or how to make it.
nice to me.hahaha.
actually this entry just to post my baby pic inside" is growing up..look!compare with previous pic.
rase sgt tenang tgk die membesar and healthy
and mommy is getting bigger and bigger.good!
last 2 months i x gain berat even 1kg pon T____T
and last week I DID IT!!2.5kg in a month.success @.@

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