Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm a woman,daughter,wife and the best of all I'M A MOM!!

huh.first of all blog da bersawang.
last time i blogging i still pregnant.and overdue.great!
and now.i'm back slim..(slim ker) and with baby.my baby
life as a mom very different.sgt busy hokeyy.dan juga sgt letih
tu yg membuatkan i dun have enuf time to write and blogging 
just like the old days.sometimes rindu all that moment.
but now i really love love love my life as a mom to my son.
a simple biodata of him

name: Fairel Iman Fakhri (nama Iman tu I yg nak)
d.o.b: November 30th, 2010 (he's the only baby born on that date)
p.o.b: for sure la hospital kan..i went to KPJ Tawakal
time: 12 noon (yg ni mmg kuasa Tuhan coz die klua tepat skali jam tu kul 12)
weight: 3.23 kg (as i expected he must be 3kg and above)
and here he is

very innocent.sweet sgt.welcome to the world my dear!

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