Friday, December 18, 2009

..Day After Day..

i luv this title with no reason but i just luv it
maybe bcoz i noe that the day is coming soon
and i still have no time for myself
always busy with work and study and assignments and fwens
but i can feel the tense..and its not gud 4 me..honestly
ehehehe..wat to do life must go on things have still to do..
so dis entry might be long than others..saje nak recap
bout wed..for dear friends who cares bout me..wakaka *big hugs*

&hearts Ceremony &hearts
my wed will be held at home just like my mom want it
i cant say no and i cant refuse dat!! >x<
so guna la canopy kan..xkan payung pasar malam lak
ahaks~ehehe it wud be sumthing like this

simple je sbb kawen siang..yg ade cume kipas yer
dan juge free windy breezy air..keh keh

&hearts Pelamin Idaman &hearts
ececehh pelamin idaman konon...wakaka
actually i haven't discuss bout it yet
all i noe its white..pelamin yg berkaler putih
kerusi yg classic xde holder kt tepi
takut i dgn b x boleh bgn bile da duduk..hihihihi
tp all i want is yg mcm ne..sbb die simple je

ehhh ehh kenapa 1 pic ade 2 pelamin???
haaa for some yg tawu u noe kan
me and my sis akan naik pelamin skali
my sis dah nikah da..last oct kot rasenyer
diz idea came fromm family board..ecehh
yg len2 jgn tanya..i wont answer u..hahaha
kami bersanding skali..sbb tu lah pelamin tu putih can match anything..hehe

&hearts Wedding Dress &hearts
when it's come to wed dress it's a bit tough to others others k not to me..bcoz
i'm a particular and fussy person..but dat doesn't mean
i object and refuse anyone ideas..slh tu..
i am listening..just tell me and i will consider it :)

yeaa baju ku akan selabuh x igt bape meter ke bawah
dan design nye akan seperti itu x de la same
lebih kurang la cm tuh..dan kaler nye juge bkn putih itu
ne sume contoh thanks to mak andam saye
kerane sabar melayani..dan juga make this new dress foc!!!
waaahh wat susah susah je kan...ling what is ur comment??

&hearts Hantaran &hearts
aaaa part ni je belom bermula lagi
ishh ade 1 bulan lg..abes la rupe nye kalo da wat skrg
huhuhu..i want my hantaran with fresh flowers (i guess so)
i want to make it on my own..but i'm a bit worries
i have no time to do it..dat's y i need assistant for it
cewahhh..byk cantik..p nk wat cmne share idea tu kan bgus (^^,)

&hearts doorgift &hearts
ermm doorgift ni rahsie tak bole kasik tawu
nti da x tunggu je yer..
kalu mau tawu kena dtg la kan..and kalu dtg sti ade adiah
ehehehhee suke nyerrrrrr...oopps
gurau je lah..i dun care bout adiah..(ye ker)
as long as u r coming to my wed day gud enuff :)

i wish u cud have something like these..very nice!!

&hearts Photographer &hearts
ouhh ini photographer my nye poyo
ekekek..(wadi sowii)tak lah die ok jew
ni kire keje part time die..awal2 lg die da sebok tya
bile kitorg kawen..ade ler tuh..hihihi
tp mmg kitorg da decide nk amik die..dpt special price :p

owhh i really dun have any idea now
think better to stop..maybe other things i'll catch up later
until next time..('',)


  1. dear, email please.
    nak bagi rega for candles. :)

  2. owh dat's nice..pls