Thursday, December 31, 2009

..I am Totally Frustrated..

it's 31 december 2009
it supposed to end with such a beautiful ending
errr or maybe a good feelings at all.. *ouch is dat me??*

huhuhu but i am totally frustrated.depressed.disappointed.
just bcoz i cant watch that superb SHERLOCK HOLMES
and i've been watching that sleepy VAMPIRE ASSISTANT (~.~)

wut a sad story of me..
look! i mean others opinion, i dun have any idea of dat~
wink.wink.rolling eyes.catchy.

so here it is
a cute.good boy.caring DARREN who loves spider very much!!
watch cirque du freak show wif his bestfren
stole mr.VAMPIRE *the story about* octa aka lil spidey
his bestfren been bitten by the lil octa.seriously injured
DARREN came up to the cinema back begging mr.vampire
to cure.medicated his bestie with the conditions
he has to be his ASSISTANT *wher the title came from*
and oso be half vampire HALF human
mr.TINY the bad.evil guy in this storyline was about to kidnap Darren
and his mentor mr.vampire protecting him.....
bring him up to the cirque du freak homestay *ekekekeke*'s dat all.i watch til dat session.
then i just left the not satisfied.
actually it's not that flat's funny.modern.classical a bit
but not recommended to those who loved the adventerous.horror.thriller. mode
i gave 2.5/5 star to this muvie.yeah.dats all.
am going to watch sherlock holmes today no matter wut happen!*motivated*


  1. oh tak best ey? i told so to "my laki". i dah dapat rasa cerita nih tak berape best tapi dia beria benar nak tengok gak this sunday. dan seperti biasa i akan cakap kat dia ... "suka hati lah"

    btw, tq of telling me this. akan ku sediakan makanan yang banyak untuk bawak masuk dalam. donut sekotak 12 mungkin! :p

  2. a ah la x besh die funny,some magical tp citer die kureng ckit.if u want u can watch trailer die dulu.i first masok je da sleepy.tgh muvie fren ckp citer die not ending well seems like ade continue series.huhu.

    u have too.i mkn jumbo hotdog abes.popcorn pon abes.air strawberi pon abes.hehehe