Friday, November 13, 2009

♠ A new Hairstyle??

aiyyokk..rase macam perlukan hairstyle baru lah
awat eh???
bosan la nengok ari2 same jew..tapi
kalau gunting pendek ta bole..nak kawen ni
nanti ta sempat rambut nak growth
so panjang rambut kena maintain cume
give a different style..givin' new look
aha!! (betul 3x)
rase cam nak curly kan rambut and rase nak alter jew
mane satu nih..penin2

emm.. which one better for me,
either to do like kate or mandy??
ubby?dah tanya da but he's prefer some sort like mandy
others??ta tya ponn coz no time 2 ask..huhu
but i really mean it~think need to refer miko
or a cut above stylist aka hair dresser *winkwink*

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