Monday, November 9, 2009

..Wasting Time??

haaa baru je teringat tag question kat blog nana
jum jum kite wat..nice and funny taww

First name : je name aku
Name you wish you had : claudia schiffer..ekeke
What do people normally your name as : erin, reen, airin, kak ros, kak moon, zairin, zai, (p tak suke yg last skali tu)
Birthday : 5th August 1986
Birthhplace : Melaka..kat hospital laa
Time of birth : 10.21pm
Single or taken : single and taken..hehe
Zodiac sign : Leo

My Appearance
How tall are you : 165 kot..around tat la
Wish you were taller : a ah..lam 3,4 cm lagi ke
Eye color : brown,,ke dark brown..
Current hair color : brown black
Short or long hair : medium hair..hihi
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : twice mase scola dulu
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : forgot
Glasses or contacts : glasses..tak berani la ngan contacts
Paint your nail : ikut mood..
Shy or outgoing : outgoing laaa..if shy i am not answering these questions
Sexy or cute : i would prefer cute
Serius or fun : fun and funny..yeahhh
A turn on : ahhhh lampu kot,tv,astro,aircond,heater..ape2 lah
A turn off : kalau tak guna lagi..maksud lain tu,no comment

This or That
Flowers or chocolates : chocolates..dun like flowers at all
Rap or rock : rock la babe
Relationship or one night stand : 1 nite stand tu smpai bile baru dpt kawen
School or work : both..i'm a worker and also a student
Love or money : moneyyyyy..sowii
Movie or music : muvie..varieties on storyline
Country or city : city for sure
Sunny or rainy days : i want cloudy or windy
Friends or family : family first then fwens

Have u ever
Lied : hihiii sumtimes..kalau terpaksa
Stole something : neva
Smoked : not that type of women ;p
Hurt someone close to you : i'm sorry 3x
Broke someone's heart : didn't mean tat
Wonder what was wrong with you : stubborn and fussy
Wish you were prince or princess : princess laaa
Like someone who was taken : hoho nak wat cm ne
Shaved you head : if i'm a footballer
Used chopstick : neva..nanti atok mara
Sang in the mirror to yourself : practice make perfect

Flower : tulips
Candy : dun like
Song : oldies
Color : pastel
Movie : the best one!!
Singer : no specific artist
Junk food : sunsweet
Website :
Location : beautiful island, windy breezy air
Animal : fish
Ever cried over someone : there's always a shoulder to cry on
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : thankful for what i am
Do you think you're attractive : yes..tak pecaya eh
If you had to choose a fairy tale as your life what would you choose : beauty and the beast
Do you play any sports : of course, kena jaga badan maa

huh abes dah..bole thn panjang gak
so sape2 yang interested just copy and paste..tpi jgn paste the answers
once again thanks to nana :)


  1. nk kne try ni... hehe...
    amboi... design blog nmpk... gud job.. cumey2.. hihi